Rio Olympics 2016 started on 5th August 2016 on this Rio Olympics 2016 Hockey, Rio Olympics 2016 Hockey Schedule, Rio Olympics 2016 Hockey wiki, 2016 Rio Olympics field hockey here I can share all updates of hockey at Rio Olympics 2016

The most awaited sports event 2016 Olympic field hockey started on 6th August 2016 24 teams are fight for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, all teams both Men and Women are categorized into 2 groups A and B
Rio Olympics 2016 Hockey schedule
Rio Olympics 2016 Hockey

Rio Olympics 2016 Hockey complete schedule and fixtures

Hockey Men’s Pool A: New Zealand, Brazil, Spain, Great Britain, Australia and Belgium

Hockey Men’s Pool B: India, Ireland, Germany, Argentina, Canada and Netherlands

Rio 2016 Olympics Women’s Hockey Pool A Teams: Spain, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Republic of Korea and China

Rio Olympics 2016 women’s Hockey Pool B Teams: India, USA, Japan, Great Britain, Australia and Argentina

India vs Ireland- 6 August- 7:30 P.M (IST)

Argentina vs Netherlands- 6 August- 6:30 P.M (IST)

Spain vs Brazil- 6 August- 3:00 A.M (IST)

Canada vs Germany- 6 August- 1:30 P.M (IST)

Belgium vs Great Britain- 6 August- 8:00 P.M (IST)

Great Britain vs New Zealand- 7 August- 12:30 A.M (IST)

Netherlands vs Ireland- 7 August- 1:30 A.M (IST)

Brazil vs Belgium- 7 August- 3:0 A.M (IST)

Australia vs spain- 7 August- 4:00 A.M (IST)

Germany vs India- 8 August- 7:30 P.M (IST)

Argentina vs Canada- 8 August- 9:00 P.M (IST)

Spain vs New Zealand- 9 August- 6:30 P.M (IST)

Canada vs Netherlands- 9 August- 10:30 P.M (IST)

India vs Argentina- 9 August- 7:30 P.M (IST)

Great Britian vs Brazil- 9 August- 1:30 A.M (IST)

Australia vs Belgium- 9 August- 4:00 A.M (IST)

Germany vs Ireland- 9 August- 9:00 P.M (IST)

Great Britain vs Australia- 10 August- 4:00 A.M (IST)

Brazil vs New Zealand- 10 August- 3:00 A.M (IST)

Belgium vs Spain- 11 August- 10:30 P.M (IST)

Ireland vs Canada- 11 August- 7:30 P.M (IST)

Germany vs Argentina- 11 August- 9:00 P.M (IST)

India vs Netherlands- 11 August- 6:30 P.M (IST)

India vs Canada- 12 August- 9:00 P.M (IST)

Netherlands vs Germany- 12 August- 10:30 P.M (IST)

Spain vs Great Britain- 12 August- 12:30 A.M (IST)

Ireland vs Argentina- 12 August- 3:00 A.M (IST)

Brazil vs Australia- 12 August- 4:00 A.M (IST)

Belgium vs New Zealand- 12 August- 1:30 A.M (IST)

Quarter Final 1- 14 August- 6:30 P.M (IST)

Quarter Final 2- 14 August- 9:30 P.M (IST)

Quarter Final 3- 14 August- 1:30 A.M (IST)

Quarter Final 4- 14 August- 4:00 A.M (IST)

Semi Final 1- 16 August- 8:30 P.M (IST)

2016 Rio Olympics Hockey Men’s Final match schedule

Rio Olympics Hockey men’s final 2016

Final Match 18 August- 1:30 P.M (IST)

This is the Rio Olympics 2016 men’s hockey schedule and fixtures

The above schedule is changed if the official management of IOC has rights to change match schedule

Most favored teams are India, Germany and Australia; here we can share everything and latest updates of Rio 2016 Olympics so stay tuned this website

I wish all the best to all Rio 2016 Olympics field hockey teams

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