Mahesh Babu started new NGO for Children

Superstar Mahesh Babu has always been a family if he has leisure time then he spend with his children son Gautam and daughter Sitara. Mahesh is currently busy with his new movie 'Maharshi' this is a good and social message movie, many people are waiting Mahesh Babu new movie, Mahesh Babu Telugu movies are blockbusters. Now we are seeing Mahesh Babu doing many Charity activities and also he is giving more money to poor who is needy, this is kind and great heart of Super Star Prince Mahesh Babu, Mahesh Babu adapt 2 villages one is in Andhrapradehs and one is Telangana then he is doing  several social welfare and charity activities.

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Mahesh is going to raise his funds for an NGO the main target of this NGO is to work on children health. , we know she is very smart on Charity and to help to poor.

All the news about Mahesh Babu NGO is not confirmed officially this is expectations only.

We wish best of luck to Mahesh Babu NGO